Installation instructions and connection design

To ensure perfect functioning and optimal power transmission between the gear and the driven mating gear, the gears require a connection design that is resistant to bending and twisting. This requires conformance with the shape and position tolerances described below.



Bottom flange ‘FU’
Top flange ‘FO’

The dimension "A" + "B" can be taken from the brochure in the download area.


Fixing bolts for steel construction (customer connection)

Fixing holes for steel construction according to DIN-EN 20273-m Thread size
ø 11.0 M 10 0.4
ø 13.5 M 12 0.6
ø 17.5 M 16 0.6
ø 22.0 M 20 0.8
ø 26.0 M 24 0.8