ZOLLERN Investment Casting is investing in further EQX & DS / SX equipment

Zollern Investment Casting Division is announcing the commencement of a major capital investment project within its Head Quarters manufacturing site at Laucherthal Germany, for the extension of its already existing Equiax (EQX) Investment casting production line up to 220KG (485 lbs) and the introduction of directional solidified (DS) and single crystal (SX) Investment Casting up to 100KG (220 lbs).

ZOLLERN-Feinguss investiert in neue Produktionslinie

The intention of this investment is to support its existing customer base and grow its business within the Industrial Gas Turbine and Aerospace sectors in the coming years. The new equipment will enable ZOLLERN to produce large EQX components as well as DS/SX components for the markets. 
Product portfolio and technical data 
•    EQX components up to 1000 mm (40 “) in diameter and 1000 mm (40 “) in height
•    DS / SX components up to 600 mm length (23,5 “)
•    Melt capacity from 10 kg to 220 kg (22 to 485 lbs)
•    Nickel-based superalloys, such as: 
o    Equiaxed  (EQX): IN100, IN738LC, IN939, IN792, René 80, René 77, MAR-M247LC 
o    Directionally solidified (DS): MAR-M200 +Hf, MAR-M247LC, GTD-111, René 142
o    Single crystal (SX): CMSX-4, PWA 1480, René N5

The investment will be fully operational by the end of 2022.