ZOLLERN is well prepared for the increasing demand for seawater-resistant materials for maritime and offshore applications.

A highly corrosion-resistant alloy is CuNi30Mn1Fe, ZOLLERN brand NB30. This material is often used where seawater flows at high velocity. Fouling by marine organisms (biofouling) is very low. This is very important in the drinking water production, for cooling circuits and heat exchangers.

Solid flange with highly corrosion-resistant alloy CuNi30Mn1Fe (ZOLLERN brand NB30)

CuNi30Mn1Fe is also known under the names CW354H, 2.0882, C71500, CN107, DEF Stan 02-780, DEF Stan 02-879-C, JIS-C7150 and CuNi 70/30. ZOLLERN uses it for the production of solid flanges, bottom plates and forged, rough machined products. Final testing, including 3.2 inspection, can be performed on site / at our works.