Hydrostatic bearing components


  • Compact design
  • Applicable into existing machines
  • High positioning accuracy, frictionless by low speedRotary-table bearings from diameter 80 mm up to 2000 mm
  • Spindle sleeve bearings from diameter 35 mm up to diameter 500 mm
  • Integrated linear and rotary movements in a single bearing

Typical applications

  • Rotary-table bearings
  • Bearing sets
  • Bearing segments
  • Thin-walled radial bearings
  • Supporting bearings


Radial bearings

System: bearing clearance compensator
Bearing diameter: 430 mm
Speed: 1600 rpm
Operating load: 13,000 N
Radial runout: < 1 μm
Application: special lathes


Radial supporting bearings

Bearing diameter: 100 up to 800 mm
Operating accuracy: < 2 μm
Radial loads: up to 100 KN
Water can be used as pressurized medium

Heavy-duty radial-axial bearing

System: pump per pocket
Bearing size: ø500mm x 350 mm
Operating load: 500 000 N
Spindle speed: 200 rpm
Radial and axial runout: < 5 μm
Application: heavy duty lathes

Radial-axial bearings – rotary table bearings

Applicable instead of YRT ball-bearings
Bearing diameters: 250–2000 mm
Operating accuracy: < 2 μm
Axial loads: up to 500 KN
Radial loads: up to 50 KN
Application: rotary table bearings for machine tools and heavy machining centres