ZOLLERN Winches with incorporated planetary gears are attractive due to their compactness, as a variety of gears can be integrated into the rope drum with parking brake and hydromotor. The individual winches can be equipped with a variety of ratios (from 13.1 to 625), with line pull 20 kN to 935 kN, all winches are flange driven, towing, hoist or free fall.
The gearbox is protected inside the rope drum. The minimal space required by the planetary gears makes it possible to produce winches with integral gearbox which are compact. The compactness is of particular benefit where the winch should be integrated into the machinery itself. It is delivered as a unit which is ready to be installed, and thus provides a cost-effective solution in situations in which space is at a premium.
The gearbox is always delivered to precise customer specification. For example it can be delivered either as a gear unit with parking brake and connections for hydraulic drive or electric motor, or with a series of accessories such as: winch frame, drum, freewheel, hydraulic control blocks or spooling system.

The most important product groups for winches are:


Each winch is designed and built to the exact requirements of the application.
The modular construction kit of different planetary stage and housing parts allows a variety of different winches e.g. individual solutions based on standard components.