Solutions for the aviation industry

Ultra-light and high-strength metal components

The aviation and space travel industry is a driver of innovation while demanding absolute reliability. As a result, it places high demands on its suppliers. That goes especially for the materials the industry uses. The necessary strength, temperature-resistance and lightweight quality can only be achieved with the most sophisticated engineering craft.

As a metalworking and foundry specialist, ZOLLERN offers customers in the aviation and space travel industry a maximum of know-how and reliability. Additional benefits are that investment casting in all its forms is ideal for manufacturing highly complex, optimized-weight and high-strength metal products.

Zollern uses the aluminium investment casting process to manufacture structural components, special housings for cockpit electronics as well as special aluminium parts for aircraft and helicopters. The unique Sophia® process produces defined microstructures in the aluminium, achieving exceptional strength and allowing for lightweight construction.

For aircraft turbines, Zollern manufactures turbine blades or heat-conducting plates from special steel alloys.


ZOLLERN supplies a specific spectrum of products for the aviation and space travel industry:

Sand casting
Investment casting
Forging & Rolling

Aluminium products
Structural components
Electronics housings
Special parts

Steel alloy products
Turbine blades
Heat conductive plates