Solutions for the construction industry

Excavators, cranes and special vehicles

Many construction vehicles the world over are built with products from ZOLLERN. ZOLLERN is one of the leading manufacturer of rope winches and slewing and drive gears for construction vehicles.

ZOLLERN rope winches are high-tech, compact products with integrated gearboxes that can handle heavy loads. They are implemented as hoisting winches in overhead and mobile cranes or as free-fall winches for special-purpose vehicles, for example for the reinforcement of supporting structures.

Used as drive gears, ZOLLERN gearboxes propel construction vehicles, and used as slewing gears, they ensure the vehicles' stationary radius of action.

Special-purpose gearboxes are, for instance, utilised in crawler excavators for coal mining or in tunnel boring machines.

ZOLLERN is also a specialist in high-precision piston rods, which are used in the hydraulic cylinders of construction machines.


ZOLLERN supplies a wide range of products to the construction industry. Included here are: 

Hoist winches
Free fall winches

Slewing gears
Drive gears
Special gears

Piston rods
Profiles for kellybars