Solutions for the energy industry

From energy generation to efficient energy utilisation

The ZOLLERN Group has long included energy generation and efficient energy consumption in its strategy for the future. Today, products related to energy already make up a quarter of sales.

In the field of power generation, ZOLLERN produces main, pitch and azimuth gears for wind turbine generators. For hydro power plants, ZOLLERN is a specialist in plain bearing technology, turbine wheels (Pelton, Francis, Kaplan) and turbine blades. ZOLLERN is an acclaimed supplier of safety-relevant components for controlling nuclear reactors. Included here are supports for nuclear fuel rods.

ZOLLERN turbine blades and plain bearings are used in gas turbines.

Cutting-edge electric motors feature ZOLLERN products made of conductive copper alloys. Last but not least, ZOLLERN is the world's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty turbocharger parts for state-of-the-art combustion engines. The trend towards efficient energy consumption and the associated downsizing of combustion engines gives this product group a lasting advantage.



ZOLLERN supplies a wide range of products to the energy and power generation industry. They includer:
Wind power plants
Pitch and Azimut gears
Main gears

Hydro power plants
Turbine wheels
Plain bearings

Nuclear power plants
Cast parts

Gas turbines
Plain bearings
Turbine blades

Short-circuit rings
Steel profiles