Solutions for the ship, port and offshore industry

The highest demands call for ZOLLERN products

Worldwide industrialisation and economic globalisation come with constantly growing world trade and the increase in marine freight transport associated with it. ZOLLERN products are widely used in the ship building industry.

When it comes to ship drives, ZOLLERN is a specialist in seawater-resistant cast parts such as propeller blades and hubs as well as pumps and valve housings. Our company is also an established supplier of plain bearings used as crank shafts and connecting rod bearings for use in ship engines.

Furthermore, ZOLLERN specialises in slewing gear and hoist winches for ship and port cranes, and is a global leader in this field. ZOLLERN winches stand out for their compact construction with integrated, internal planetary gears. They are the world's first to make it possible to use ship cranes with a load capacity of 1,000 tons on special ships.

Rescue winches complete the product range for the marine industry.




ZOLLERN offers a wide range of products for the naval industry. Amongst them are for:

Propeller blades
Propeller hubs
Slewing gears
Motor bearings

Special parts

Harbour cranes
Slewing gears

Offshore plattforms
Propeller parts