ZOLLERN investment casting for the aviation industry

Investment cast parts from ZOLLERN ensure reliable technical operation in many areas of aviation.

Turbine: guide vanes and rotor blades, heat protection shields
Structure and flight control: landing flap profiles and receivers, input housings, electronics housings, fuel and hydraulic housings.
Equipment: fittings, locking bolts, brackets, hinges, handles, pump housings.
Aerospace: housings for optical, electronic and fuel systems.

Materials, weight spectrum
Steel, max. 20 kg
Aluminium, up to 1,400 mm x 900 mm x 600 mm, max. 120 kg
Superalloys, conventional solidification, max. 25 kg
Superalloys, Directional (DS) and Single Crystal (SX) solidification, max. 4 kg

ZOLLERN technologies
Open casting
Low-pressure die casting
VIM (vacuum induced melting) – vacuum casting

Special processes:
SOPHIA® process for high-strength, thin-walled aluminium components
Single Crystal (SX), Directional Solidification (DS) und Equiax (CC) casting

Stress and pour simulations ensure optimised process engineering and maximum cost-effectiveness


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