ZOLLERN investment castings for mechanical engineering, medical technology and industry

Investment castings can withstand particularly high dynamic loads and are therefore suitable for
high-performance mechanical engineering applications. The material diversity and design freedom with investment castings is also appreciated in medical technology, for example for knee implants produced from cobalt-based alloys. In addition, the heat resistance of the materials used is fully exploited in turbine blades for gas turbines.
Energy: industrial gas turbines, pump housings, electronic housings, guide vanes
Medical technology: implants, instruments
Mechanical engineering: housings, brackets, valves, fittings, screw conveyors, chain links, fan wheels
Measurement technology

Materials, weight spectrum
More than 500 materials — with the option of using customer specifications.
Open-cast alloys with a maximum charge weight of 180 kg, vacuum alloys with a maximum charge weight of 120 kg and a maximum component size of (HxØ) 750mm x 600mm.

ZOLLERN technologies
Open casting
Low-pressure die casting
VIM – vacuum casting Penny/VIM – vacuum casting